Look at the rising Sun

Join an exclusive and forward thinking community of CryptoPunk, Digital Nomads and Creatives. Our HQ is a French Castle funded and governed by us.



In respect of everyone personality and privacy, we will enjoy a simple life in the Castle, sharing all communal spaces designed and created by us, in a celebration of friendship and kindness.


Fibre internet connection, wifi all over the estate, quiet pods, video projector, coffee area and meeting room, we will easily stay in touch with our remote team or work with them on-site



Solar Castle is about networking in real life with fellow entrepreneurs and activists to invent together our future. The Space will be shaped to facilitate and stimulate interactions, engagement, co-creation.


Solar Castle embraces a positive vision of our future where technology enables humanity to sustainably co-exist with its environment. As part of our commitment to earth regeneration Solar Castle will host, fund and promote initiative and Work Groups committed to that goal.



Our Castle is a perfect venue for 100+ people events. As a member you will be invited to private parties created by and for us and get a discounted rate to privatise the Castle for yours.

Solar Castle is funded by us and run by us. All members are invited to join the Managing Guilds, have the right to present CIP (Castle Improvement Proposal), engage in debate and to vote according to the governance process ratified by us.



  • First DAO in Europe to acquire and manage a real estate property collectively

  • Hub for networking, day to day, and during highly visible events

  • Be a showcase for community-driven regenerative projects with innovative business models


  • Human first: Metaverse is a trendy fraction of Life, we are bullish on IRL

  • Transparency: Legit, Robust, Sound, Open source. We are not afraid to be transparent.

  • Hodl: We are here to transform the society, not for speculation 



How it works

  • Staggered Membership NFT sale to build DAO treasury, 

  • DAO, with NFT-gated, is created in order to govern the project,

  • DAO open an Eternal Bounty for member contribution (rewarded in Membership NFT and Castle Token)

  • DAO members are involved for selecting the Castle to acquire,

  • Part of Treasury is used for acquisition

  • DAO select Architect Studio based on RFP

  • Member can use the Castle from Day 1 while transformation is in progress

  • Member use Membership NFT to redeem Castle Token burnt to spend time in-situ







end 2023


  • Early investors

  • Legal structures

  • Public content

Public Launch:

  • Token/NFT mintable

  • Launch DAO

  • Governance approved

Castle Funding:

  • Third round

  • Castle selection

  • Architect studio


  • Ground Work

  • Refurbishment

  • Sub businesses launch




What will buying this NFT give me?


The NFT represents your membership at Solar Castle, your right for staying in the Castle according to the amount of token associated, your right to make proposals, vote on the Castle governance and receive airdrop. 

The NFT comes in various tiers that reflect the number of nights you are entitled for. NFT is a right to vote (1 NFT = 1 voice) in the governance process of the Castle. The Castle DAO is managed by members for the members.


Who owns the castle ? 

In short, you, as a member and part of the Assembly owning and managing the Castle. Technically, The Castle will be the property of a French Limited Liability Company registered as a SAS (Société à Actions Simplifiés) itself owned by a Swiss Association. The local french company is required to proceed to the real estate transaction, receive income and pays bills for the management of the place. The Swiss Association is the legal entity standing for the DAO.

How are the funds secured within the DAO?


As in any DAO, any expenditure is subject to member’s vote. A proposal with a destination address shall be published and voted before any fund transfer. The recipient address will then be trusted to manage the allocated fund according to the approved mission. 

What is the difference with crowd funding?

With a crowd funding you usually just get a one off benefit proportional to your contribution. It would be teeshirt, a free night or a free event in our case. At Solar Castle DAO, NFT represents your membership and gives you unlimited right to attend events, stay at the Castle and use facilities. NFT are also by nature tradable and could be appreciated.


How do I make money with the Castle NFT?


We are not here for the money but for fun and Crypto cred. Solar Castle DAO wants to become the place to be for cryptopunk, digital nomads, creatives, the place where ideas emerge and materialise. 


However, during the 6 staggered phases of the NFT sales, the price of the NFT has been shaped to progressively increase with an average 20% price increase. As a result, early buyers in the Seed phase will see their NFT appreciating 3 times when the Castle open. 


How does Solar Castle DAO treasury protect itself against a bull market?


While NFT get sold, 90% of the Treasury will be converted to Stable Coin and staked to guarantee a minimum yield while the project progresses towards completion and protect your investment.

Is this legally possible?


Yes, Swiss Association is a recognised legal structure used by many other Blockchain projects (including the Ethereum Foundation) and DAO. In our case, the Swiss Association will be allowed to mint NFT and Token in order to constitute the Castle treasury. This treasury will then be invested for the creation and funding of the french entity responsible of the acquisition and management of the property. 


More details about Swiss Association on and 


What are member and non-member rates?


While the Castle is your property through the DAO and NFT membership grant you access to the Castle facilities (rooms, co-working, event), we recognise that some minimal cost are associated with each of them to provide a good quality of service (a clean room, hot water, a restaurant stocked with food). As a member you will have to pay for those services at a flat price. Same would apply to your guests during your visit.


Non-member willing to visit Solar Castle are welcome. It’s in fact part of the business model and we recognise that to ensure a maximal valorisation of our physical asset we shall encourage such economic activities. Non-member however will pay a full price for services and access to facilities.Non-member price is around 5 times the price of a member and equivalent to a similar premium venue/B&B in the area.


What are the values of Solar Castle DAO To be expanded

Solar Castle DAO is the HQ of a private social network for human and nature regeneration. We aim for humans and nature to flourish. We support initiatives that regenerate the land, the estate, value the patrimony, the local community and redefine traditional social relationships. 

What is the aesthetic of the Castle? 

Solar Castle DAO is a Solar Punk dream and will as such feature many regenerative ideas. We will have a natural swimming pool not a concrete one. We will produce as much food as we can to be used in our kitchen, we will have forest based accommodations in tree houses and tiny houses, we will be human centric and use technology only has a way to improve the quality of our relations with nature and our human brothers and sisters. 

When is this going to open?

The project aims at acquiring the Castle in Summer 2022 but significant transformation will likely be required to accommodate the Community needs (see Cost Estimate in Business Model doc). 

We may be able to open soon after the acquisition but with limited facilities and ongoing work happening. Up to us really.


Is this ecologically viable to live in a Castle?

We live in a world of scarcity. Having a 600m2 castle with hectare of land owned by a single family of 4/7 makes no sense ecologically speaking. By reclaiming this heritage and using it to host up to 25 people via a community of a hundred is a very different story. 


Many may think heating such a place is expensive. It’s true but even a large property obeys the same thermodynamic rules. Roof, wall, opening and floor insulation associated with efficient heat sources (heat pump, central pellet burner, solar hot water) are working solutions even in a Castle. Actually, making this place most energy efficient than possible is a very honourable objective. 


Are there French Real Estate regulations that could limit our Castle transformation desires?


Yes, most castles in France are listed in a national register with either a “Classé” or “Inscrit” status (see When registered such properties must obtain an approval to be renovated and their transformation should be overseen and handled by an experienced architect. In a nutshell, they must be kept visually identical and use appropriate materials. 


This should be factored during the Castle selection phase. But the keyword for us will be creativity.


What is the benefit of being a listed property?

Beyond the well known limitations that constrain us to respect the historical heritage, there are many fiscal advantages for renovating such places. For example, we could obtain up to 50% grant from french Culture and Heritage Ministry to renovate the property. As a public place, most renovation and maintenance costs will also be deductible from the company taxes. 


Is the Castle a ruin? 


No, to be able to quickly open, we shall seek a property that is functional straight away and only require minimal improvement. Restoration of historical castle may take years and cost many time the property acquisition.


Can I be involved without token/NFT? 

Of course and please do. We recognise that the cost of membership may be prohibitive for some. That’s why a part of the DAO treasury is dedicated for grants and to recognise the effort of contributors, members or non-members. Our Eternal Bounty will be open to all and be rewarded either with Token or Membership NFT. That’s the way for you to join without upfront money.